Our Mission

The purpose of the Utah Mechanical Contractors Association is:

  • To represent the mechanical contracting industry.
  • To act as its spokesman in dealing with the public, government, other associations in the construction industry, manufacturers, and labor.
  • To provide for its members all the advantages of large representation and to furnish educational facilities for improving their contracting knowledge and technical capabilities.
  • To serve as an information clearinghouse to keep members informed about new developments, whether they concern national policies or new opportunities in construction.

The Goals of The Utah Mechanical Contractors Association are:

  • Promote Partnership With The Union
  • To maintain an open and regular dialogue with the Union to discuss the key issues affecting our industry, with the goal of pursuing mutually beneficial outcomes of these issues.
  • Provide Superior Services To Our Members. It is the Association’s ongoing task to define those services that are valuable to the members. The Association shall work to accomplish this through discussion with the membership, through surveys of the membership, and by evaluation of other Associations’ efforts.
  • Provide Leadership For Our Industry

The Utah Mechanical Contractors Association will endeavor to define the issues affecting our industry. The UMCA will try to shape public opinion on the issues that affect the organized mechanical industry and influence the outcome of legislation for the benefit of its membership. The Utah Mechanical Contractors Association pledges that it will be an Association run by its members for the benefit of its members with special emphasis on the participation and service from its membership.

To Accomplish These Goals, the Association:

  • Develops educational seminars for its members to improve their capabilities in all phases of the Mechanical Contracting business.
  • Meets with other associations in the construction industry to attempt to resolve mutual industry problems which beset all of our members, owners, architects and engineers, and, in general, the entire construction industry.
  • Assists in the development of materials and operation of programs to develop the skills of apprentices and journeymen.
  • Engages in legislative activities in an effort to improve the role of the Mechanical Contractor in the areas of laws and regulations.
  • Meets with engineering societies, government agencies, other construction contractors associations and manufacturers associations to develop standards and practices leading to efficient, safe and economical installation.